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Tim Jenkins, Managing Director, Gemini Rail Technology UK Ltd and Nick Fitzwater, Managing Director, Gemini Rail Services UK Ltd are delighted to announce the formation of a new and exciting group, Gemini Rail Group. This group brings together the experience and expertise of the rail industry's leading companies into one innovative and dynamic team.

Gemini Rail Technology UK Ltd

Gemini Rail Technology (GRT) is a specialist rail vehicle engineering and turnkey project management company, with a history dating back 25 years. In the mid-1990s.  The company, then known as Hunslet Transportation Projects Limited, evolved from a supplier of new-build rolling stock (Class 323) to become a provider of rolling stock upgrade services in response to changes in the wider rail industry at the time.

The organisation was later reformed and traded as Transys Projects Limited until its acquisition by the Vossloh Kiepe group in 2012, at which point it was renamed Vossloh Kiepe UK Limited. Following acquisition by the Knorr Bremse Group (KB) in January 2017, the organisation was renamed Kiepe Electric UK Limited (KEUK). Most recently, KEUK, along with Knorr Bremse Rail Services (KBRS) were acquired by Mutares AG and rebranded as Gemini Rail Group (GRG).

Gemini Rail Services UK Ltd (GRS)

Wolverton railway works was established in Wolverton, Buckinghamshire, by the London and Birmingham Railway Company in 1838 at the midpoint of the 112 miles-long route from London to Birmingham. In 1865 Wolverton was designated as the LNWR Carriage Works, eventually becoming the largest carriage works in the UK and in 1901, Wolverton was the first railway works to use electricity for lighting and driving machinery throughout and had a workforce rising to 4000 people.

Post-war it continued its carriage work and construction work, including making large numbers of the all-new British Railways Mark 1 carriage, until the intervention of Dr Beeching.  In 1962, the works was downgraded to a repair facility, with the last new vehicles being completed in 1963.  By 1964 the workforce had dropped from 4000 to 2000

More recently in February 1986British Rail Engineering Limited split into two new groups, with Wolverton becoming part of the new BR Maintenance Group, which reduced staff to 850.

Following ownership by Siemens Babcock, Alstom, Railcare and Knorr-Bremse, the new company is now owned by Mutares AG and operates under the name of Gemini Rail Services and offers a full range of market leading vehicle overhaul and modernisation services.


St Rollox Locomotive Works and St Rollox Carriage & Wagon Works were built in 1856 in Springburn - an area in the north-east of Glasgow, Scotland, for the Caledonian Railway, which had moved away from its works at Greenock. The new works was built on the site of the station of the Garnkirk & Glasgow Railway (which the Caledonian had absorbed) near to the chemical works ofCharles Tennant. It was named after the nearby parish church of St Roche.

During World War II, St Rollox joined in the war effort, producing, among other things, Airspeed Horsa gliders for the Normandy Landing airborne assault. Cowlairs also produced 200,000 bearing shells for Rolls-Royce Merlin engines.

After the abolition of LMS with the formation of British Railways in 1948, the works remained the primary Scottish repair centre until 1986 when, under British Rail Engineering Limited (BREL), locomotive work in general was being run down. In 1972 it was reamed from St Rollox Works to Glasgow Works in 1972.  Part of the site was occupied for a time byMC Metals.

After BREL was privatised in 1988 the site was operated as a rail maintenance facility by British Rail Maintenance Limited (BRML) along with Eastleigh, Doncaster and Wolverton.  This facility was still a Nationalised Industry. During this period the site was reduced in size and the surplus land was sold off. In 1995 BRML was privatised and the site was sold to a Babcock International / Siemens consortium along with the Wolverton site. In 2002 it was sold to Alstom. In 2007 Alstom sold the site to RailCare.

RailCare was placed in administration in July 2013.  In August 2013 the works were purchased by Knorr-Bremse who In 2018 sold it to Mutares in December 2018.



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